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Passion Flower


Linoleum Print
Edition size: 7
Image size: 7.5 x 9.5 inches (19 x 24 cm)
Ink: Akua Professional Relief Inks
Paper: Stonehenge 250g


In stock



Why do they call it a Passion Flower? Was it once, before these plants made their appearance in garden centres everywhere, something so hard to find that wanting to add a Passion Flower vine to a garden inspired great longing and violent passions, much like some rare orchids have done?

Regardless of the backstory, I find these flowers beautiful. I grew them once but I’m not a skilled gardener. I knew even as the blooms shone on the vine, that I’d need to make a print before it disappeared the way many of my garden vines do.

An eight-colour limited-edition reduction linocut, carved and printed by hand from a single block, each colour printed individually.

Every print in this edition is unique; minor variations are possible and are the result of the process by which it’s made. Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

Each print bears the number within the edition and the artist’s signature.


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