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Crowsnest Pass, Alberta


Linoleum Print
Edition size: 7
Image size: 7.5 x 9.5 inches (19 x 24 cm)
Ink: Akua Professional Relief Inks
Paper: Stonehenge, 250g


In stock



The Canadian Rockies. Just east of the BC/Alberta border an Alberta visitor center sits surrounded by spectacular scenery. In early summer the air is cool. In the near distance, the exposed limestone and shale cliffs of the mountains rise up from a bed of dense woodland. Seen from the parking lot of the visitor’s center, Crowsnest Mountain dominates. You stand and absorb and wonder if the crows the indigenous Cree people are said to have named it after still nest in the woods here somewhere.

This print is part of the Heron Road series – inspired by a year-long road trip along the back roads of North America.

A eight-colour limited-edition reduction linocut, carved and printed by hand from a single block, each colour printed individually.
Every print in this edition is unique; a slight variations are possible and are the result of the process by which it’s made.
Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

Each print bears the number within the edition and the artist’s signature.

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